The DApp contextual environment supported by the imToken application.

imToken's built-in WebView uses the platform's native kernel and is fully compatible with MetaMask, while also providing public APIs to help you improve your Web app. You can seamlessly migrate your DApp to the imToken WebView environment at any time, or refine your site to make it a better experience in the imToken app.

WebView refers to the host environment where the DApp or Web App is running in the imToken application.


About Providers

  • Fully compatible with MetaMask and can directly migrate Ethereum DApps for use within the imToken application.

  • Based on the EIP-1102 standard, all DApps must follow the EIP-1102 standard in order to access account information and perform other operations.

  • For full support of EIP-3085, please see the RPC documentation to learn more.

  • You can develop EOS DApps based on Scatter. Support scatterjs-core versions less than or equal to 2.3.8.

  • web3.js is not injected, please see the release notes for details.

  • Initialization of the Provider and other related operations can be found in the RPC documentation.


If your application supports multiple languages by default, you can confirm the current language environment using: (choose one of them)

  1. Request header - We set the accept-language HTTP request header of the URL request, the value depends on imToken App language, such as:

    Accept-Language: zh-CN,zh;q=0.9,en-US;q=0.8,en;q=0.7,*;q=0.6.

  2. URL Query - The page in the WebView will automatically carry the language parameters of the query: https://ens.token.im/?locale=en-US .

  3. SDK API - Get the current language environment through the SDK API.


You can add a query ___debug to your DApp URL, it will inject a console panel into your page,you can find a vConsole button in the bottom right corner of the page, it will open a panel after click (Similar to chrome's debug panel).


If your Web application (or DApp) is running on a mobile device, it can be called and redirected to the imToken application via DeepLink, and can be used within the imToken application as well. Please refer to the DeepLink documentation for details.

Wallet Connect

If your Web application (Including DApp) is running on the desktop or in an external browser and it is not convenient to use DeepLink to call the imToken application, Wallet Connect can help you connect to the imToken application. To learn how to connect and communicate using Wallet Connect, please visit our Wallet Connect section.

Preload Options

While your Web application is loading, we provide a more elegant display solution to ensure that your application always has the best user experience. Read more in Preload URL Options documentation.


@consenlabs-fe/webview is an open-source SDK to help you get a better experience within the imToken application, and you can use this SDK for deep customization and development of imToken WebView. Read the SDK API documentation to learn more.

Ethereum RPCs

Please view all methods in the RPC documentation.

How to determine the imToken environment

  • You can detect the imToken browser by !!window.imToken or window.ethereum.isImToken, it returns true if the current browser is an imToken DApp browser.

  • Use the WebView SDK directly.

How to start development

If you are not yet experienced in developing DApps, you can refer to our guidelines to try to get started.

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