imToken For Developers

Deep Linking

Deep interaction and integration between applications.
Developers can invoke the imToken application through DeepLink and open it to the specified page. No third-party libraries or other integrations required.

Scene Introduction

  • Users access your product from their mobile devices, invoke the imToken app at a specified link, and jump to transfers or other functions.
  • Users access your product in their mobile browsers and go to a DApp within imToken via a specified link to help them perform more asset-related actions.
  • You need to prompt the user to check the market price and direct the user to open imToken via a link to see the aggregated market price.
  • Your application does not have a collection function, so you need to guide the user to open the imToken app to start a quick payment.
If the user does not have the imToken app installed, it will need to be downloaded and installed to properly trigger DeepLink.
DeepLink automatically jumps when the current process is complete, even if the imToken app is locked, not logged in, or not turned on.

Getting Started

Before you start, make sure you have a web page or mobile app that can be accessed by mobile devices.
imToken's DeepLink consists of a fixed prefix and path, you just need to specify the pathname accordingly:
// prefix: imtokenv2://navigate/
// path: AssetsTab
In the case of a Web application, placing this link in the herf of a will trigger the jump correctly.
<a href="imtokenv2://navigate/AssetsTab">Go to imToken App</a>


Some pages support additional query parameters, so you can specify the landing page by adding a query. Opening the specified DApp is the most common example:
If your DApp link contains characters that need to be parsed, serialize the query parameter:
// imtokenv2://navigate/DappView?url=https://domain/path//\\-name
// should be:

Wallet Connect Support

The imToken application supports connecting to standard Wallet Connect URI, and common Wallet Connect URIs are shown below:
# Wallet Connect URI
For information on how to customize the Schema, please refer to the Protocol Standards documentation. If you want to invoke the imToken App and trigger this link, you need to add the fixed prefix imtokenv2://wc?uri= .


Testing and verifying that DeepLink triggers properly will be very helpful to you, and we provide an online tool to help you. Please open the verification tool with your mobile device to verify the triggering effect of DeepLink.

Reference Routes

The following are the current routing paths that can be safely used, note the prefix added when using.
  • About -- About us page
  • ProfileTab -- Personal information page
  • DiscoveryTab -- Discovery
  • MarketTab -- Market
  • MarketTab?tabIndex=<number> -- Go to the market and jump to the specified tab
  • AssetsTab -- Home, assets display page
  • DappView?url=<URL> -- Open the DApp at the specified URL。
  • Tokenlon?makerSymbol=<symbol>&takerSymbol=<symbol> -- Open Tokenlon and specify the exchange pair